Sponsors and Exhibitors

CEM’17 Workshop is available for sponsorship at various levels, such as platinum, gold, silver, bronze, in addition to the sponsorship of exclusive items. Details of the sponsorship framework, including the benefits and costs, can be obtained directly from the CEM’17 Workshop Secretariat. Maximum numbers of sponsorship opportunities are limited. For example, platinum and exclusive sponsors are limited by one, gold sponsors by two, and silver sponsors by four.

Interested institutions are encouraged to start their sponsorships as early as possible, in order to take advantage of the time factor, i.e., sponsors will be announced and promoted on the CEM’17 website months before the actual workshop. Similarly, thousands of e-mails will be sent out every week until the starting date of the CEM’17 Workshop. Sponsors will be publicized in those e-mails, hence spreading their exposure to thousands of relevant contacts (as opposed to the actual participants only) over several months (as opposed to the few working days of the workshop).

A centrally-located exhibition area will be available during the CEM’17 technical sessions. Companies, institutions, and publishers from computing related disciplines (both hardware and software), electromagnetics, microwaves, antennas, numerical solvers will be hosted in the exhibition area. Standard exhibition spaces (3m by 2m) will be available for €1200. Exhibitors can rent multiple units next to each other or separately. Standard 220V electricity power and wi-fi will be provided. Exhibitors may bring their own stands, cubicles, roll-ups, and equipment. Two chairs will be provided. A standard table may be provided at an extra but minimal cost. If necessary, more detailed information for renting exhibition space may be requested from the CEM’17 Workshop Secretariat.

Potential sponsors and exhibitors may contact the CEM’17 Workshop Secretariat: