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CEM’17 international workshop is a friendly platform to discuss recent progress in all areas related to computing, electromagnetics, computational science and engineering (CSE), multi-physics problems, high-performance computing (HPC), and parallel computing. Since 2007, CEM experts and enthusiasts have been meeting biennially to exchange ideas and knowledge. On its 10-year anniversary, CEM’17 will be held in the fabulous Mediterranean city of Barcelona. CEM’17 is supplemented with a strong social program, creating a hospitable environment in Barcelona’s rich cultural and historical background.

Workshop dates: June 21-24, 2017

Please note that CEM’17 dates are immediately preceding the dates of PUMPS’17 that will be organized on June 26-30, 2017. PUMPS stands for the Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems summer school that has been organized annually since 2010 in Barcelona. For more information, please see: Some CEM’17 attendees may see this as a “two birds with one stone” opportunity and they may benefit by participating in PUMPS’17, in addition to submitting a paper to CEM’17.


The workshop will be held in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona.
The following links can be visited for more information about Barcelona:

Technical sessions will take place in the modern setting of Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

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